Green practices for the environmental protection… and the quality of wine

The agricultural practices adopted by Masùt da Rive are deeply orientated to sustainability, with a focus on agricultural ethics.
In Masùt da Rive vineyards, the only weed control technique used, is the mechanical under-vine weeding (without glyphosate). This method is important to reduce the competition between weeds and vines, in sourcing water and nutrients from the soil. [link rincalzatura]

Close to the flowering season, the agricultural practices get more intense, first by managing the excessive vegetation, cutting the upper part of the plant (cimatura) [link cimatura], then by cleaning the vines: OLMI, a pulsed-air leaf remover, perfectly cleans the cluster from parasites and floreal residues…These are “Green” choices, which are translated into quality of grapes and integrity in the glass. [link defogliatura]

As far as energy is concerned, we rely on the renewable energy par excellence, the sun: our photovoltaic plant delivers clean kilowatts and covers all of our energy needs.
And the winemakers of Masùt da Rive hate wasting water: our sub irrigation system optimizes the water supply while minimizing dispersion caused by evaporation.

Masùt da Rive: “green” choices, which are translated into the quality of the grapes and integrity in the wineglass.