White Label

Pinot Bianco

“memories of white flowers, and then white fruits: yellow peach, pear and apricot … mineral freshness rich in nuances: wild flowers, acacia, bread crust, apple and, over time, roasted almond and ripe nectarines…”

Production zone: DOC Isonzo del Friuli
Winemaking: The grapes are whole-cluster pressed and allowed to settle at 10 / 12 °C
Ageing: It stays in touch with the fermenting yeasts for twelve months in steel vats with frequent bâtonnages, at the same time a part vinificates in French oak barrels.
Colour: Fine deep yellow with green hints.
Bouquet: This very fine wine variety evokes white flowers with touches of fruits like yellow peach, pear and apricot.
Taste: Sublime on the palate, it has a note characterized by freshness and minerality, rich in shades which range from wildflowers, acacia flowers, crust of bread and apple. Through aging its bouquet is enriched by toasted almond scent and mature peach scent.
Pairing suggestions: Perfect with fish based appetizers, especially shellfish, pasta or risotto with clams, vegetable soups.
Alcohol: 13.50% by vol.
Serving temperature: 10 / 12 °C