Gli Scudi

Cabernet Franc

“a reminisence of small red berries in rich fragrances, with unmistakable herbaceous tones … the intensity then blurs in the pleasures of chocolate, tobacco, spicy notes

Production zone: DOC Isonzo del Friuli
Winemaking: Long maceration under controlled temperature with regular gentle pump-overs to extract supple tannins and colour.
Ageing: After the wine is racked off it ages in stainless steel tanks for twelve months.
Colour: Deep ruby red.
Bouquet: It has distinctive herbaceous undertones, especially when young. With time it becomes more elegant and complex.
Taste: It is a wine with a strong character, full, robust yet balanced offering a range of intense flavours of berries. The herbaceous character develops into an interesting range of spicy notes, from chocolate to tobacco.
Pairing suggestions: With age it reveals a strong full body which goes well with roast meat dishes, games, strong and mature cheeses.
Alcohol: 13.00% by vol.
Serving temperature: 16 / 18 °C