Black Label

Maurus Pinot Nero

“Fruit in spirits, dried flowers, notes of undergrowth and an ethereal background that recalls china and enamel, wrapped in wood and spices… pleasantly fresh, with a begining of toasted wood”

Production zone: DOC Isonzo del Friuli
Winemaking: The grapes are destemmed, gently pressed and set to macerate in 10/15 hl. tanks in order to have fermentation take place at lower temperatures and better preserve the organoleptic qualities of the grapes.
Ageing: After the wine is racked off it undergoes malolactic fermentation in new 300 l oak barrels ageing for 12/18 months, depending on the vintage.
It then ages in the bottle for another 12 months.
Colour: Deep ruby red.
Bouquet: Intense and fine. It expresses the terroir. Rich and complicated scents of fruits in liqueur, dried flowers and notes of undergrowth. Aftertaste reminiscent of cinchona and enamel with spicy and wooden notes.
Taste: An initial recall of toasted wood leaves an aftertaste of red fruits jam. Full and persistent taste with a pleasant freshness.
Pairing suggestions: Pinot Nero Maurus compliments hearty red meat and game based dishes as well as savoury mature cheeses.
Alcohol: 13.50% by vol.
Serving temperature: 16 / 18 °C